Friday, December 7, 2012

Tummy Troubles

Today is Noah's birthday and he asked around 2:30 if he was truly 5 now. I said yes, and that 5 years ago at this time I was holding him in my arms after having him in my tummy for so long.

To which he replied, "When I came out, what was on me?"

I thought he meant clothing so I said, "Nothing. You came out naked."

And he said, "No, I mean, what food? What food was on me since I was in your tummy?"

Nice or Naughty?

Noah: Mom, Jaxon told me if you are naughty, you don't get presents from Santa.
Me: Yes, that's why Santa has a 'nice' list and a 'naughty' list.
Noah: But we're (speaking on behalf of his brother and sister, too) always naughty. I don't know how to work that out.