Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Mysins. A lovely couple.

Okay, so Noah really said nothing in this conversation, but it was so hilarious, I have to write it down.

So we're doing bedtime prayers and Paul asks what the kids want to pray for. "Hank!" is blurted out. Then "My sins," says Rachel.

Caleb begins and prays for Hank and then says, "And I pray for the Mey..Meyers? wait. What's that name?"
I answered, "Do you mean 'My sins'? Rachel said she wants to pray for 'my sins.' Two words. It's not a name."

To which Paul chimes in with, "The Asian couple?"

We got back on track only to have Rachel start praying, asking God to forgive her brothers of their sins. Never did mention her own.

Oh, goodness.

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