Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Love notes

I walked into Noah's bedroom this morning to find him writing a note in crayon that said, "I love you to. Do you want to play football with me after my swimming lessons?" He had also pulled out three pieces of gum from his stash.

I asked him who that was for and he said, "Sometimes at night when Caleb and I have trouble getting to sleep we'll write each other notes, or if we just don't want to say it out loud we'll write a note that says 'I love you.'" He gave me a note last night so I'm giving him one this morning.

He then proceeded to sneak into Caleb's room while he was still sleeping and laid the note and gum on Caleb's shoulder. I could see a future paper cut to the face or a rude awakening at the very least, so I convinced Noah to leave it on the floor.

So sweet.

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